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Kaizhong was awarded “an excellent global supplier” by Bosch Group for the third time

2015.07.01 管理员

Congratulate our company on the success of winning the honorary title of “2013/2014 Globally Great Supplier” of the Bosch Group again. This prize is selected once every two years. With remarkable comprehensive competitive advantages, Kaizhong continues to win that honorary title for the third time. Kaizhong is the only commutator supplier winning that prize for three consecutive terms in the world at present and the only Chinese supplier winning that prize for three consecutive terms.  Bosch Group is the world's largest auto parts supplier. In 2014, its sales volume reached 48.9 billion Euros. It is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Germany. Bosch Group has more than 84000 suppliers in the world. With excellent quality, good services and competitive price, Kaizhong Precision Technology Co., Ltd stands out and wins that title for three consecutive terms. This prize will surely motivate staff of Kaizhong to pursue more excellence.